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InsideDirect specializes in international health, travel and medical insurance for individuals traveling or residing outside of their home country, including foreign visitors coming to the USA and US citizens living abroad.

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 Immigrant Medical Plan

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Click to get quoteWelcome to the United States! As you may have already noticed, health care is of major concern to most Americans. To ensure that a person is properly protected against catastrophic health expenses, medical insurance is often purchased. While the majority of Americans obtain medical coverage through a group program provided by their employer, such opportunities may not be available to recent U.S. immigrants (perhaps the immigrant is self-employed, in between jobs, or already in retirement). Review the policy brochure for more information, or get a quote.

The solution to your concerns is our Inbound IMMIGRANT program

  • · Program designed specifically for immigrants to the United States
  • · Guarantee Issue - can't be turned down.
  • · Up to 5 years of coverage available.
  • · Scheduled Benefit Program - a very affordable plan design.

Inbound Immigrant is a program designed specifically for immigrants to the United States. The plan offers a schedule of benefits at very competitive rates. In addition, the plan is underwritten by The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, an AIG company. With more than $800 billion in assets and approximately $80 billion in shareholders' equity, AIG is the one of the strongest and most stable insurance and financial services organizations in the world. (More Information)

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