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InsideDirect specializes in international health, travel and medical insurance for individuals traveling or residing outside of their home country, including foreign visitors coming to the USA and US citizens living abroad.

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 Information for travelers


InsideWorld -
InsideWorld is a collection of country and region web sites providing local news and information to a worldwide audience. Use InsideWorld's 24/7 headlines available on this site to access the latest stories. Or sign up today to receive a free daily e-mail with current affairs, business, economy, politics and more for the countries you select.

InsideCountries -
InsideCountries provides country background information for many countries and regions. Information covers topics like economy, government, demographics, geography and more. The site also publishes a growing number of Country Portals. Each portal providing site visitors a comprehensive overview of web sites currently on-line for the country of your choice.

Travel Advisor -
Before you travel internationally, be sure to visit the State Department's website concerning
travel warnings. The page is updated as needed by the government and is a valuable tool for those traveling overseas. The State Department also has a separate site for medical information while traveling.

Health Concerns When Traveling -
No one is more current with health issues than the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Currency Converter -
This is an adequate (sometimes slow) international currency converter.

Comparison Salary Calculator -
Moving and want to compare salaries?

Distance Between Cities -
A fun way to calculate distances between various cities throughout the world.

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