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InsideDirect specializes in international health, travel and medical insurance for individuals traveling or residing outside of their home country, including foreign visitors coming to the USA and US citizens living abroad.

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On this site, you will find complete descriptions of all our programs as well as the premiums and applications for each plan. Once you have decided what plan fits your need, it is easy to enroll. Just click the "Get Quote" button and fill out the short application form. You will be given an instant quote and you can purchase your policy on the spot. When approved, you will receive your policy number by e-mail and your printed card and policy is usually mailed the next business day. Note that RESIDE and RESIDE PRIME applications are reviewed by the underwriter. You will get a reply within 48 hours (normal business days). In some situations, additional information or clarification may be required.

In case you need any assistance, you can also call us at 1-866-892-6125.

LIAISON® International                                               Brochure: HTML | PDF

Click to get quoteProviding comprehensive medical coverage while traveling outside the insured's home country, Travel Medical Insurance fills a valuable need to the global community, with up to $1,000,000 in medical benefits.

RESIDE Worldwide Medical Plan                                Brochure: HTML | PDF

Click to get quoteThis plan is ideal for anybody who resides outside their home country. With this scheduled benefit plan, you are only paying for the coverage you require; with the security and flexibility of a worldwide insurance program administered in the United States.

RESIDE Prime Worldwide Medical Plan                      Brochure: HTML | PDF

Click to get quoteThis U.S. style medical program provides medical care to foreign nationals and to U.S. citizens who reside at least one year abroad. Not only does the plan offer seamless coverage throughout the world, it allows the insured to travel anywhere for treatment.

Inbound Immigrant                                                      Brochure: HTML | PDF

Click to get quoteInbound Immigrant is a program designed specifically for immigrants to the United States. The plan offers a schedule of benefits at very competitive rates and is underwritten by The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, AIG company.

RoundTrip                                                                  Brochure: HTML | PDF

Click to get quoteFor those travelers who desire a program with a variety of travel benefits, Trip Insurance is the solution to their needs. RoundTrip protects everything from Trip Cancellation to Emergency Medical Evacuation expenses.

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